About Original Art Pieces

There is something so very special about owning a piece of original art.

Not only can a piece of art delightfully accentuate a space, an original can also lend it's very own energy and breathe live and soul into a space through it's colors, texture and the story it tells in all it's own unique ways! And with it a space is transformed!

There is something entirely unique about an original. To the touch. To the eye .... from close up and again, differently, from a distance.

When I paint, I follow the energy of whatever moves (through) me at the time! Often it can't be put into words. But it can be put into color, texture, movement, and eventually, a subject matter.

Creating art brings me a great sense of joy, fulfillment and peace! It is my innermost expression, as well as my meditation. The act of creating is what I LOVE to do!

The exploration of my own personal journey, manifesting in some way or another, but always creatively, that is the gift to me. And through all the ups and downs - I love every single minute I get to create and shape the expressions on canvas or in other artful ways!

What is ultimately born from this - that is my offering to you!

If it speaks to you - it is meant for YOU!

I find that my paintings are very hard to truly capture in photographs. I use quite a bit of shimmering paints and splatters, textures and many, many different layers of paint and patterns, which makes the paintings come alive in person and gives you a different shimmer, color or movement, every time you look at it! However, this doesn't translate very well to the more "flat" limitations of photography!